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The podcast about what to do next.

  • Rich Needs It by Tuesday

    Paul Ford: [00:00:00] Hey Rich. Rich Ziade: Hey Paul. Paul Ford: So last episode we talked about how I am now the CEO of Aboard and that I have a lot of new responsibilities. I need to, you know, you gave me some coaching, I’m holding people accountable. That was really helpful, thank you. Rich […]

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  • Paul Needs It by Thursday

    Paul Ford: [00:00:00] Okay Rich, Ziade Ford Advisors is the name of the podcast. Rich Ziade: Welcome everyone, the audience is growing. Paul Ford: It is. Rich Ziade: Holy moly. Paul Ford: Holy moly. I, uh, I need advice Rich Ziade: Oh… Paul Ford: Once again. Paul Ford: So, you and I used to run […]

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