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The podcast about what to do next.

  • Mailbag Interview

    [Unedited Transcript] Rich Ziade: [00:00:00] You know what I wanna rename Paul Ford: What do you wanna rename? Rich? Rich Ziade: inbox. Paul Ford: Why Rich Ziade: I want to call it in bag Paul Ford: in bag? Rich Ziade: or mail bag. Paul Ford: mail bag. Oh, I seek, oh, cuz we’re doing a […]

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  • AI Mailbag

    [Unedited Transcript] [00:00:00] Paul Ford: So we are a busy executives these days. Are we not? Rich Ziade: Oh Paul Ford: Oh my goodness. So, uh, we’ve got, um, two mailbag questions, but we’re gonna do them in two consecutive episodes. Let’s do mailbag question number one, which is about, uh, somebody came, wrote in […]

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