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The podcast about what to do next.

  • Antitrust

    [Unedited Transcript] Paul Ford: [00:00:00] Richard, Rich Ziade: I believe in competition. Paul Ford: great. That’s a good place to start. Uh, you just showed me a video of a man falling down on a rock. It’s pretty exciting. He was proposing to his wife and then he slipped and fell. We watched it about…

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  • What Succession Gets Wrong

    [Unedited Transcript] Paul Ford: [00:00:00] Rich, do you have any go-to TV shows? Rich Ziade: Yes. Paul Ford: What are you watching these days? Rich Ziade: Well, I’m watching what everyone else is watching. I watch succession. Paul Ford: Oh, me too. It’s, frankly, it’s the only thing I watch that isn’t something I watch…

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  • Jane Says (She’s Done with Microsoft)

    Paul Ford: [00:00:00] Hey Rich, you wanted to tell me a story about somebody. Rich Ziade: I do, and I’m gonna have, uh, a two for one advice on the other end of it. Paul Ford: Oh, you think we’ll be able to extrapolate some advice from the story? Rich Ziade: Two. Paul Ford: Oh…

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