Episodes tagged: Midlife Crisis

The podcast about what to do next.

  • Paul Needs It by Thursday

    Paul Ford: [00:00:00] Okay Rich, Ziade Ford Advisors is the name of the podcast. Rich Ziade: Welcome everyone, the audience is growing. Paul Ford: It is. Rich Ziade: Holy moly. Paul Ford: Holy moly. I, uh, I need advice Rich Ziade: Oh… Paul Ford: Once again. Paul Ford: So, you and I used to run…

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  • Should I Quit?

    Rich advises Paul (who is pretending to be a guy who works in video editing) on whether to quit his job or not. Together, they look into THE VOID. THE VOID looks back. Paul digresses on corporatist epistemology. In the end everything is okay. Intro  [00:00:00] Paul Ford: So the reason I asked you today if…

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