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  • Culture as a Feature

    [Unedited Transcript] Rich Ziade: [00:00:00] Hey Paul, Paul Ford: Hey Rich, how you doing? Rich Ziade: I’m doing well. How are you doing? Paul Ford: I’m doing fine. I’m still a little sniffly, but my energy’s back. So you’re going to hear an energetic sniffly guy on this podcast. Rich Ziade: You sound a little…

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  • Vaccines vs. Boredom

    [Unedited Transcript] Rich Ziade: [00:00:00] Go. Paul Ford: I’m a doctor. Uh, I’m a I’m a scientific professional and I think vaccines are really important and that what I heard the other day when R FK Jr. Went on the Joe Rogan show and said, the vaccines are bad. I heard, I think that’s really,…

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  • Majors and Minors

    Paul Ford: [00:00:00] Hey Rich. Rich Ziade: Hey Paul. Paul Ford: What was your undergrad degree in? Rich Ziade: Political science. Paul Ford: I was english, english literature. Rich Ziade: That makes sense, you’re a wonderful writer. Paul Ford: That’s nice, that’s nice, thank you. Rich Ziade: Did you learn how to write in college?…

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  • Predictions 2023

    Rich and Paul come back to the office after the holidays just full of predictions for tech, politics, and the economy. [00:00:00] Intro Paul Ford: Rich, how were your holidays? Rich Ziade: They were pretty good, they were pretty good. Um, relaxing. Lots of family over Christmas dinner. It was quite lovely. Um, but really hunkered down…

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  • Heading for the Exits

    Twitter seems to be cooked (or is it). Where do we go now? We talk to Jason Goldman, former VP of Product at Twitter, and to each other, of course, and Paul admits that he really likes Mastodon.

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  • QE2CEO

    Paul has a big idea: There’s a strong case to be made that Queen Elizabeth II was the best CEO of the last century. So he makes it to Rich, outlining what makes a great CEO in the process. Rich buys in to the theory, then changes the conversation to chocolate. Paul Ford: Rich, how are…

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