The podcast about what to do next.

We’re here to help.

We’re Ziade & Ford — Rich Ziade and Paul Ford. We build consulting and software companies. Then we sell them. So we’re good at consulting, software, and selling things.

Over the years we’ve worked with giant companies and powerful people, everywhere from the Roosevelt Room of the White House to the marble halls of Goldman Sachs to the Rail Control Center of the NYC MTA.

That’s why we started Ziade & Ford Advisors. We’re going to take our advising to the next level and help as many people as we can. It helps that Paul is one of the world’s most respected writers when it comes to explaining technology, and that Rich is a lawyer with a long track record as a tech entrepreneur.

Whatever problem people have, we’ll do our best to explain what we know and talk about what to do next. Building software? Paying off student loans? Rebuilding your career in independent dance music? We’ll help. If we don’t understand it we’ll find someone who will.

It doesn’t mean we’ll always agree with each other. Or that you’ll agree with us. Expect a lot of swearing and yelling. And feel free to get in touch.

“You can’t upload that, we look like French comedians.” “Who cares we can fix it later.”
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