Episode 0001 · November 28, 2022

The podcast about what to do next.

Podcast Zero

Who’s that knocking at the door? It’s Paul! Come to check on his old friend Rich. Isn’t it time for a new podcast? Isn’t it time to get going? The answer is…yes.

The very first of many—a new podcast from Paul Ford and Rich Ziade, two New York City technology executives who want to help you (and each other) make sense of our intertwined, messy worlds of media, finance, technology, culture, politics and just plain old money and power.

Rich Ziade: Who is this now? Yes. Who’s at the door?

Rich Ziade: Hey Paul. What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in a while.

Paul Ford: Hey, Rich. It’s Paul. Can I come in?

Paul Ford: We used to do that podcast back in the day, and I was thinking, if you’re cool with it, we could start that podcast up again.

Rich Ziade: I can’t talk about product management anymore, man. I just can’t do it.

Paul Ford: No, that’s fair enough. 

Rich Ziade: We said what we needed to say. 

Paul Ford: That was five years on APIs, PMs, and, and product. That was a What, what I’ve noticed is that out in the world, people are trying to make sense of a lot of what’s happening with business and various kinds of change. And technology’s at the root of it, but it’s not the only thing. And everybody’s trying to figure out what’s next for them. And I don’t know, maybe you and I have some insight here. I mean, we, we, we worked together for 10 years. We’ve did a lot of products. We’ve worked with giant companies and governments and organizations, and we sold our company.

Rich Ziade: I think we’re gonna have something to say. I, I think beyond having something to say, I don’t think we’re just gonna vent and complain. I think we wanna be helpful.

Paul Ford: Yeah, let’s be positive. Let’s [00:01:00] guide people and, and sort of let them know what we know. And, you know, They might disagree. They might have all kinds of thoughts, that’ll be great. 

Rich Ziade: Not always positive. Paul. I do need, I need that initial momentum to finally arrive at a helpful, constructive place.

Paul Ford: Look, I, I got us a name.

Rich Ziade: Oh, no. All right. Keep it low key, dude. Let’s keep our egos out of this. What’s the name? 

Paul Ford: What do you and I do? We help people out. We give them good counsel. Right. You used to be a lawyer. I’m a technology explainer. Ziade and Ford Advisors.

Rich Ziade: Whoa. Um, Okay. All right. Uh, yeah. All right, fine. Let’s do it. I appreciate you putting my name before yours. 

Paul Ford: Eh, it just sounds better. And kinda like a drive time radio way. I got ziadeford.com. Okay. There’s a website there. It’s a little rough. I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I, I’ve been working on this a little bit. I think it’s time. Also, you’re, you’re wearing like old shorts and a t-shirt with holes in it. I, it, we just gotta get into this again, man.

Rich Ziade: Let’s get [00:02:00] back out into the world. Um, we need a theme song. No.

Paul Ford: Okay. I have good news.

Rich Ziade: Oh, no. All Right.

I think we’re ready to get back out there, Paul. Let’s do it.

Paul Ford: We’ll call this podcast Zero. Check out the website. Send us an email, hello@ziadeford.com. 

Rich Ziade: We’ll be in all the usual podcast places that sit, that live in your pocket or on your computer. Subscribe and off we go. Looking forward to it. Paul. I’m ready to do this.

Paul Ford: Let’s go.

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