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The podcast about what to do next.

  • Should I Quit?

    Rich advises Paul (who is pretending to be a guy who works in video editing) on whether to quit his job or not. Together, they look into THE VOID. THE VOID looks back. Paul digresses on corporatist epistemology. In the end everything is okay. Intro  [00:00:00] Paul Ford: So the reason I asked you today if…

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  • Predictions 2023

    Rich and Paul come back to the office after the holidays just full of predictions for tech, politics, and the economy. [00:00:00] Intro Paul Ford: Rich, how were your holidays? Rich Ziade: They were pretty good, they were pretty good. Um, relaxing. Lots of family over Christmas dinner. It was quite lovely. Um, but really hunkered down…

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  • Soccer as a Platform

    The last episode of 2022! Paul and Rich talk about the World Cup, in a general way, but then they start to talk about how soccer functions as a platform in the world—how to see it as a kind of technology. [Edited Transcript] Rich Ziade: [00:00:00] Dude? Did you see it? Paul Ford: I did.…

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  • AI Anxiety

    Rich has been a Customer Success Manager Level IV for Salesforce for 13 years—and he’s panicking. He heard a cable bill got renegotiated by a robot and now he’s convinced the robots are coming for his job. Paul unpacks that with him and helps him see that there could be new ways of working and…

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  • Recipe for Conspiracy

    Paul and Rich talk conspiracies: Where they come from and why people keep going in for them. Paul pretends to be a guy named Jeff who is falling into QAnon. They talk about where conspiracy thinking comes from, what to do, and how to handle Christmas Dinner. A Call from Jeff Paul Ford: Rich! Rich Ziade: Hey…

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  • Recession-proofing Your Promotion

    Paul role-plays as Jim, a hapless and cranky young product/project manager at some company or other. Jim hankered for a promotion, oh how he hankered, but now there’s a recession looming, and Jim—well, he’s never experienced one before. So he’s come to ask Rich for advice. How do you thrive in a recession? What do…

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  • Heading for the Exits

    Twitter seems to be cooked (or is it). Where do we go now? We talk to Jason Goldman, former VP of Product at Twitter, and to each other, of course, and Paul admits that he really likes Mastodon.

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  • QE2CEO

    Paul has a big idea: There’s a strong case to be made that Queen Elizabeth II was the best CEO of the last century. So he makes it to Rich, outlining what makes a great CEO in the process. Rich buys in to the theory, then changes the conversation to chocolate. Paul Ford: Rich, how are…

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  • Podcast Zero

    Who’s that knocking at the door? It’s Paul! Come to check on his old friend Rich. Isn’t it time for a new podcast? Isn’t it time to get going? The answer is…yes. The very first of many—a new podcast from Paul Ford and Rich Ziade, two New York City technology executives who want to help…

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