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  • Buy Nothing

    [00:00:00] Paul Ford: Hey, Rich, how you doing? Rich Ziade: I’m doing well. How are you, Paul? Paul Ford: I’m doing okay. You know, I, it’s there, my, um, my spouse is kind of like a thrift shop oriented person, so am I gotta be honest. I like, I like a, I like to get […]

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  • Layoffs

    Paul Ford: [00:00:00] Man Rich, remember the how the tech industry was always go, go, go– grow, grow, grow. Rich Ziade: Mmmmm. Paul Ford: And now let me, let me give you some names: Microsoft, Google- Rich Ziade: Okay…  Paul Ford: Facebook, Spotify, huge layoffs all across the industry. Rich Ziade: A lot of tech layoffs these days. Paul Ford: Yeah. Rich […]

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  • Predictions 2023

    Rich and Paul come back to the office after the holidays just full of predictions for tech, politics, and the economy. [00:00:00] Intro Paul Ford: Rich, how were your holidays? Rich Ziade: They were pretty good, they were pretty good. Um, relaxing. Lots of family over Christmas dinner. It was quite lovely. Um, but really hunkered down […]

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